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We are South Coast, MA, support attorney Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr. I've been practicing family law in Massachusetts for more than three decades. We are well known as a dedicated legal advocate, willing to go to court to ensure our client's financial interests are protected. But Attorney Driscoll is also a certified divorce mediator. Attorney Driscoll has helped hundreds of clients successfully resolve their differences in matters such as the division of marital assets and the drafting of parenting plans.

Massachusetts Child Support Orders

A child deserves the support of both parents. Support can take many forms, but one essential form is financial. Massachusetts, like most states, uses a formula to determine the amount of child support that will be ordered. That formula considers all sources of income, as well as the amount of time the child will spend with each parent.

A parent can ask the judge to deviate from the formula if special circumstances require it. For example, the need to support birth children in another family may result in a reduction of a child support order. Additional expenses relating to a child's medical and educational needs may result in an increase in child support.

When you visit our office, we can show you how the Massachusetts child support guidelines will likely apply in your case. We also assist clients in modifications to existing child support orders – upward or downward.

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