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Legal Help When Court Orders Have Been Violated

Failing to comply with court orders can have serious legal consequences, but before those consequences are felt, the offender must be brought back to family court. The court does not monitor compliance on its own.

  • Are you owed back child support?
  • Are you owed back alimony?
  • Does your former spouse refuse to sell the house or to sign a deed over to you, despite the fact that the judge ordered it so in the marital property division?

  Let us help you get the support or the assets you are owed. We are Fall River support enforcement lawyers Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr. and Laurie A. Sanford. We've been helping people throughout southeastern Massachusetts with family law matters for more than 34 years. We represent men and women, mothers and fathers, grandparents and children.

Think You Can't Afford to Get Justice and the Money You are Owed?

If your ex is refusing to follow a court order, you have every right to bring him or her back to court in contempt proceedings and you don't have to worry about paying for it. The person who is in violation of the order might be ordered to pay the attorney's fees for you.

Is he or she adamantly refusing to follow the judge's orders? Even though family law is a civil case and violation of an order is a civil matter, certain situations can be considered criminal in nature, and he or she could face jail time, house arrest, loss of a drivers' license or professional license.

Are You in Violation of a Court Order?

Things happens and sometimes you simply can't meet your obligations. Your first and best option is to go back to court as soon as you know you will have a problem complying with court-ordered support. Falling behind on child support will have serious repercussions for every aspect of your life. You can lose your driver's license. You can have problems with a professional license. You can end up in jail.

We can help you go back to court to seek a modification of your child support order. We can negotiate on your behalf to help you get caught up on back support. We can defend you in contempt proceedings and, finally, We can work to minimize the penalties you face.

Contact Contempt Enforcement Lawyer Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr.

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