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Getting a divorce is not an easy process. At Driscoll Law, we believe in guiding our clients through every step along the way of filing a divorce. Divorces can be simple or extremely complex, depending on your particular case. At Driscoll Law, our Attorneys have years of experience in helping clients with all kinds of divorce cases. Our attorneys will fully represent you in all issues pertaining to your divorce like filing for divorce, post decree modifications, restraining orders, temporary support orders, child custody, divorce settlement agreements, postnuptial and prenuptial agreements, alimony or spousal support, marital asset division and asset protection etc.

In our initial assessment, our attorneys will walk you through all these aspects in order to understand where you stand and address any queries you have about the whole process.

If you happen to be looking to file for divorce, Driscoll Law can help you represent your rights with skilled and experienced attorneys who known exactly how to effectively represent your case.

Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody and Visitation can often be one of be toughest aspects of the divorce process. For many people, it is hard to move beyond emotions and reach a consensus that helps resolve the issue. At Driscoll Law, our attorneys have a wide experience in dealing with Custody and Visitation cases, and will guide you thoroughly in all the nuances of the process around custody.

Child Support

Given the cost of living in New Bedford, Massachusetts, it is integral to establish an amount for child support that is sufficient for both of the parents. Driscoll Law has helped thousands of clients reach a child support settlement through the years. If you are looking to establish child support or defend against a support action, contact Driscoll Law today to help resolve your case.

Alimony Support

Spousal support or Alimony is the regular monetary payment to the spouse that has to be decided upon during separation. Every state has its own unique laws around the duration and amount of alimony. At Driscoll Law, we can effectively represent your case in terms of Alimony Support and help you reach a mutually beneficial settlement.

Asset Division

When a marriage comes to an end, marital property as well as marital debt has to be divided fairly between the two parties - and an attorney experienced in asset division is needed to help you reach a settlement that benefits you. At Driscoll Law, we have attorneys who have years of experience in dealing with Asset Division, and will help guide you holistically throughout the process.

Child Relocation

Child relocation is perhaps one of the most difficult issues in family law.
Be it due to a remarriage of one of the parties or a job transfer or a range of other reasons, the parent with the primary child custody will have to move. At Driscoll Law, our skilled and experienced attorneys will help you navigate the laws and rules around child relocation and effectively represent your case.

Interstate Custody & Support

If your child's other parent moves or conceals with your child during divorce or post-divorce or separation, Driscoll Law can help you safely protect and return your child and effectively enforce state law.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is the court order meant against an individual in a marriage.
The court order binds the individual to not do or do certainly acts, such as staying a specified distance away from their former spouse. These orders are usually used in divorce cases that involve sexual assault, stalking, harassment or domestic violence. If you are looking to establish a restraining order, lawyers at Driscoll Law can help review your case and guide you thoroughly throughout the process of filing for a restraining order.

Modification of Support & Custody

If you are looking for a modification of the existing family law order - be it Spousal support (alimony) modifications, Visitation modifications, Child custody modifications or Child support modifications - the attorneys at Driscoll Law can help you with all family law modification proceedings. Before you start the process to modify the existing court order, our attorneys will go through your case and help determine if your basis is valid.


If a child happens to be born to two single parents out of wedlock, the father is required to establish paternity in order to lay claims to Visitation or custody. At Driscoll Law, our attorneys are here to help the parents establish their legal rights so they are able to have all the joy that comes with parenthood. If you are looking for guidance around Paternity and the laws around it, contact Driscoll Law to review your case and guide you thoroughly.

Military Divorce

Military Divorce is a specific type of divorce that happens when one or both of the partners happen to be members of the military. They typically have 3 choices when it comes to which state they must file their divorce at: The state where the military member claims legal residency, the state where the military member is stationed, or the state where the spouse filing resides. The attorneys at Driscoll Law have years of experience in handling military divorce cases and will effectively represented in your case.

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