Quincy Divorce Lawyer With You Every Step of the Way

When clients first visit to my law office, they are worried about the future and uncertain about their next steps. Some are clear that they want to file for divorce; others know things need a change but haven't made a firm decision. Some people are just looking for answers to their questions about divorce in Massachusetts.

Wherever you are in the decision making process, you can talk to a Quincy divorce lawyer at Driscoll Law in a free initial consultation. I have helped thousands of people through the divorce process. You will find my knowledge of our local courts and judges to be invaluable. When you choose to work with me as your divorce attorney, I am always available to answer your questions. I give all of my clients my personal cell phone number so you can contact me at any time.

Decades of Legal Experience in Your Corner

I have seen big changes over the 40 years I have been practicing Massachusetts divorce law. In many ways, divorce law has become clearer and fairer, but increasingly complex marital assets and busy family schedules are an ongoing challenge.

  • Marital property division and complex assets: Dividing marital property can be emotionally difficult but it doesn't have to be confusing when you have an experienced lawyer working with you. Couples often consider alimony and property division together as a package, as there will be tax consequences for different choices. Our office handles both simple and complex property cases, including those involving executive compensation packages, profit sharing, and business ownership.
  • Child custody and parenting plans: Most of the clients I work with are seeking shared child custody. I provide guidance and resources to help you think through every detail. In the end we will arrive at a parenting plan that works for your unique situation.
  • Child support orders and modifications: I can help you understand how Massachusetts child support guidelines will apply in your case. If your financial situation has changed recently, I can help you seek a modification of your child support order.

Fathers Rights and Massachusetts Divorce Law

It's increasingly common to find fathers who have chosen to put a career on hold to raise children. Just like moms, these dads may need help getting back into the workforce with additional job training. They may need alimony for a period of time until they find a job. Child custody is particularly important for them.

Father's rights are still an uphill battle in family law. I have taken many divorce cases to trial in order to ensure my clients achieved their goals for child custody or financial stability. I am comfortable preparing and presenting a strong and effective case in court and many clients choose me because of my extensive trial court experience.

Contact Quincy Divorce Attorney Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr.

Before you make a big decision, get answers to your divorce questions. Call (617) 302-6870 or email the Law Offices of Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr. I offer payment plans and flat-fee pricing for some legal matters.

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