Massachusetts Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) with Estate Planning and Wills

Get Just the Legal Help You Need from a Bristol County Estate Planning Lawyer

Let's face it, legal work can be expensive. Unfortunately, that's why many people don't get the legal help they need. They try to do it themselves (and sometimes get it very wrong) or they leave important tasks undone, failing to protect their financial and legal interests.

You do have another option. You can use Limited Assistance Representation, or LAR. Don't hire a cheap lawyer; hire a good lawyer for just the services you need. Contact Driscoll Law and ask about Limited Assistance Representation.

What is Limited Assistance Representation?

Many people have never heard of LAR, even many lawyers. But it is legal and it can be just the level of legal help you need for your estate planning or probate issue.

Usually when you hire an attorney to draft a Will or a medical directive or Living Will, you are paying him or her to do all of the work from beginning to end. Your Massachusetts estate planning attorney ensures everything is done right.

When you hire one of our Fall River lawyers for Limited Assistance Representation, you are hiring him to do just one part of the overall work that needs to be done. You do the rest yourself.

All of our Bristol County estate planning lawyers are certified to provide Limited Assistance Representation. It's a unique service we provide to our clients who need it. You can hire us to handle specific tasks, to work on a specific timeline, or to do all tasks that don't involve going to court.

Can You Use Limited Assistance Representation for Estate Planning?

Yes, you can take an a la carte approach to estate planning using LAR. You might choose to do this if:

  • You want to use an off-the-shelf software or an online software to draft a Will or other estate planning document, but you also want to be sure it is legal, accurate and complete in the State of Massachusetts.
  • You are the relative of a child whose parents have died, gone to jail or rehab, or become incapable of providing care so you need to take guardianship of that child.
  • You've written a Will, you know exactly what you want to say, and you aren't concerned that you may have left something out. As long as a lawyer checks it out and it's legal, "good enough" is good enough.

Limited Assistance Representation Services for Estate Planning

We can provide the following services for clients who want limited legal assistance:

  • Drafting a Will
  • Drafting a limited Power of Attorney
  • Drafting a document to name a Personal Representative
  • Drafting a Healthcare Proxy
  • Filing the paperwork for a grandparent or a relative to take custody or guardianship of child. You will handle the court appearance.

The Cost of Limited Assistance Representation

Your Driscoll Law Firm attorney will discuss whether the service you want will be a flat fee or an hourly fee for a specific project.

Don't Hire a Cheap Lawyer – Hire a Good Lawyer for Just The Services You Need

Contact Driscoll Sanford Family Law or call (508) 672-8718. We offer a free initial consultation. Ask us if LAR is right for your case.

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