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Protecting and Enforcing Your Rights as a Father

Again and again, research has shown that fathers play a unique and important role when they are intimately involved in the lives of their children. Supporting the father-child relationship should be a high priority. Unfortunately, many fathers experience barriers at every turn.

Have you had these problems?

  • Mom schedules activities during the time you are scheduled to be with your child. (And even worse, tells the child that YOU are the reason he or she can't do the fun thing they wanted to do.)
  • Mom repeatedly fails to pick kids up on time, especially when she knows you have plans
  • Kids are not home when you come to pick them up at the designated time
  • Mom makes vacation plans or holiday plans that overlap with time you should have the child
  • Mom tells school they should only contact her with information, leaving you out of the loop on important issues in your child's life
  • Mom fails to inform you of medical issues, behavioral problems or social concerns involving your child
  • Rather than asking you, mom leaves your child with an unreliable babysitter, putting your child's safety at risk

We help father's protect their children, their time with their children, and their rights as a parent. We are Fall River fathers' rights lawyers Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr. and Laurie A. Sanford. We've been practicing family law in Massachusetts for more than three decades. We've helped many hundreds of father's change child custody agreements and parenting plans by taking their problems back to court.

It can be a tough fight but We've done it before.Contact our law office to schedule a free initial consultation. We will do everything possible to help you find a successful resolution to your problem.

Fighting Child Relocation

Just because your child's mother has decided to relocate, that does NOT mean that your child will automatically be moving with her. Father's do have rights but you will need to go to court and prove your case if you want to change the custody arrangement and keep your child in Massachusetts.

As your child custody attorney, it's our job to help you prove that it's in the best interest of your child to stay put – that his or her family ties are important and should not be disrupted, that his or her social and educational opportunities are just as good here as elsewhere, and that the mother's desires should not outweigh yours – all other things being even.

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