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Joint custody is now the most common child custody arrangement. Most parents prefer it and in most cases, a judge will award it, although 50/50 shared custody can be difficult to schedule.

Rather than worry about an exact number, think about what is most important to you as a parent. What experiences do you share with your child that you want to see continue? What times of the day, the week, the year have the most precious memories attached to them? These are the things your parenting plan should strive to preserve.

We are Quincy child custody lawyers Will Driscoll and Laurie A. Sanford. For a combined law practice of fifty years, we have been helping married and unmarried mothers and fathers arrive at fair, workable child custody agreements that preserve the parent-child bond. Call (617) 302-6870 or email my office to schedule a free initial consultation. We can explain the requirements of the court and help you think through the many details of your parenting plan.

Thorough Parenting Plans

The more details you consider in the creation of your plan, the more likely it is that you and your co-parent will be successful when you put the plan in action. We provide my clients with a 9-page intake form to help you think through all of the practical details of your living arrangement, both now and as your child grows.

  • What will be your child's living arrangement
  • How will you handle summer breaks, holidays, vacations?
  • How the child will be educated? How will parents pay for private school, afterschool programs or college?
  • Who will take your child to sports events, to extracurricular activities or religious observances?
  • Will your parenting plan ensure that your child gets to see extended family members?

Changing a Parenting Plan or Custody Order

Over time, the needs of parents or of children can change. A parent may need to move out of state. A parents' work schedule may mean a child spends more time – or different hours – with the other parent. A child who lived with one parent when young may want to live with the other parent in their teen years. All of these situations will require a modification of your child support order.

Are you having problems with a parent who is not holding up his or her end of the parenting plan? Rather than taking action yourself, take your case back to a family court judge. That way you have the protection of a court order to fall back on.

Quincy Fathers' Rights Attorney

Under Massachusetts family law, fathers rights are equal to those of mothers in child custody cases, although it can be an uphill battle. We work to ensure my clients are treated fairly in custody cases, when arranging parenting plans, and in the awarding of child support.

Contact Custody Lawyer Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr.

You can have confidence that when you work with us, your child custody case will be handled in a cost-effective and professional manner. Call (617) 302-6870 or email Driscoll Sanford Family Law. We offer payment plans and flat-fee pricing for some legal matters.

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