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Thank God my divorce is over. I just can’t thank you enough! You really made a difference not only in giving me legal advice and information, but the emotional support and caring made more of a difference. You are truly appreciated. You were a true blessing.
Cyndie W.
Fall River, MA

I was married for 29 years before I filed for a divorce. I found Will Driscoll by default. My first attorney did not have my best interest at heart and basically dumped me and my case half way through. Since I never had needed an attorney before in my life, I had no idea what to expect; but I did not expect to be treated the way I had up until I met Will. He took on my case when it was in a legal heap of a mess!! Will treated me with respect and showed great commitment. He has something extra, an insight; something which cannot be taught. Will took on all the unresolved issues of my case and resolved them one by one in a very timely fashion. He kept me informed at all times as to the progress of my case, and the cost. He is great at what he does!! I wish I had met him first, but in the end thanks to Will, I got everything I deserved. He is not only a phenomenal attorney, he has become one of my very good friends. I wish him well in all he does.
Susan J.
Plymouth, MA

I had a difficult custody case, along with a very difficult ex. Not to mention that the lawyer on the other side was also hard to handle. Will made me feel at ease and I had complete confidence in him. He is absolutely amazing! During the process he kept me informed of what would happen, and what I could expect. He answered phone calls almost immediately and even met with me on weekends and after hours. I would absolutely use him again without hesitation! Thank you so much, Will!!!
John C.
Fall River, MA

I went to see Mr. Driscoll to obtain his services for a divorce; and he was the 3rd attorney I had met with. My situation was very complex (spouse in prison), and the other attorneys I had met with wanted to charge extremely high fees to get my divorce finalized. Mr. Driscoll guided me in the right direction to save me as much money and time as possible and still achieve my ultimate goal - finalize my divorce. He proved during our initial meeting that there are honest and caring people in the world (yes, even attorneys can be honest); and he has restored my faith in the belief that "good people" do exist. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an attorney. I firmly believe he would do the best job for the best price AND would do it in a fair and honest manner. I wish him nothing but the best for the future, and I will be forever grateful for the assistance and guidance he provided me when I need it most.
Charlotte W.
Plymouth, MA

I was introduced to Mr. Driscoll through another attorney. His dedication to your case is unparalleled. His professionalism is remarkable. He shows you respect and dignity during your situation and makes you feel comfortable. He is forthright and sincere in his conversations. His availability is unprecedented. He is tenacious, focused, motivated and successful. He has an inherent proclivity to meticulousness. I admire his profound insight. I want to thank him for the hard work and dedication that he and his office provided throughout my case. You feel a sense of accomplishment when your case is over. You are left with a feeling of dignity to confidently move forward with your future endeavors. I am eternally grateful for his sincerity.
Tina W.
Middleboro, MA

My 1st meeting with Attorney Driscoll was when I was 12 yrs old and my parents were going through a divorce. He was my mother's lawyer and she was a mess. It was amazing, even at a young age watching this lawyer go to work. Atty. Driscoll helped my mother in so many ways. He was a great, strong, knowledgeable lawyer who won her case without any problems. He is also kind and compassionate to my mom, explaining everything in full to her as it happened. So I am now an adult and I needed a lawyer to help me with my child support cases, I could think of no one else but Atty. Driscoll to go to for help. I knew that he was amazing years ago when my mother needed him, and I also knew that he has gotten even more legal education now, so he had to be unstoppable. He has not only won my cases but also been there for me no matter what time it is, whether it is with a new problem or a question. I know I can count on him no matter what kind of legal matter I encounter in the future.
Christie F.
Fall River, MA

Attorney Driscoll handled my recent divorce case. He was extremely empathetic to my situation and for the health and well-being of me and my children. He worked quickly and efficiently, bringing my divorce to the conclusion that I had hoped for. He is an outstanding attorney and I would recommend him to anybody that ever requests information on an attorney from me. He went over and above the call of duty!! He did a wonderful job!!
Pauline B.
South Attleboro, MA

I needed help and someone to understand. He was the man, very personal and compassionate in time of need. He helped me through a tough time where I could have lost everything but with his help I came out a winner. I would recommend his services to anyone.
David B.
Swansea, MA

I met Mr. Driscoll through a dear friend and coworker during a very difficult crisis. He was immediately supportive and offered the guidance I needed. As his main focus reflected the safety of myself and family, I experienced firsthand why he is referred to as a "family guy." It is refreshing to meet someone in the field of law who practices sincerely so that those he represents may benefit from his knowledge and expertise. I commend Mr. Driscoll on his openness, availability and ability to be a guide for his clients, and extend to him a heartfelt thanks from myself, my family and close friends!
Quincy, MA

Attorney Driscoll represented me recently and he was outstanding. His ability to quickly understand the core issues, the key attributes, and represent my best interests was impressive. He was able to present to the court a clear, concise, positive, and forceful position on my behalf. He quickly and accurately refuted false information presented by the other side and always maintained a high level of professionalism. Yet he was aggressive enough to command respect from the other attorney and the court. He knew the laws and knew how to use them to my advantage. I highly recommend him and will use him again if need be in the future. Thanks Attorney Driscoll.
Name Withheld
Hingham, MA

Attorney Will Driscoll, a man with a big heart, helped me win my custody battle for my son. He is a man with a lot of patience and knowledge in his field and so was very valuable to my case. I'm so grateful to have had him on my side and to know that Will is a friend I'll never forget. To anyone who is in need of help, I highly recommend him. Attorney Driscoll made my life and my son Andrew's life so much happier.
Anna M.
Marshfield, MA

I met Attorney Will Driscoll via the Lawyer of the Day program. I am so thankful that he was kind enough to volunteer his time to help me with my divorce paperwork, making it all much easier to understand. He has been extremely helpful to me – patient and accommodating throughout the whole process. Mr. Driscoll made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a lawyer in the Fall River area.
Elizabeth G.
Fall River, MA


After losing my mother 3 years ago, I was involved in probate issues with my siblings. I was represented by another attorney who involved me in a letter writing campaign which lasted 2 years without any results. Attorney Driscoll made himself available to me 24/7. What I noticed about his practice immediately was that he listened, was courteous and professional. I would recommend Attorney Driscoll to anyone who needs prompt, knowledgeable and professional representation.
Barbara B., R.N.
Plymouth, MA



I was both a defendant and plaintiff in counterclaim in a long-running, complex civil case which was tried before a jury in the Bristol County Superior Court over a period of four weeks in June 2011. Atty. Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr. was my lead counsel in that litigation. Atty. Driscoll's performance in my behalf was excellent. He expertly prepared and argued several pre-trial motions. His opening of the facts of the case was clear, concise and cogent. His examination of witnesses called by the opposition demonstrated the weakness of the opponents claims. He also presented relevant, convincing testimony from witnesses which he called in my behalf. His closing arguments were spirited, on point and compelling. Overall, I was very impressed with Atty. Driscoll's professional demeanor, his ability to relate to, and obtain needed testimony from, even hostile witnesses and his extensive knowledge of the applicable substantive law as well as the court rules. I recommend Atty. Driscoll, without hesitation, to anyone who needs a compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled attorney to represent them in a complex civil matter.
Stafford S.
Fall River, MA

A couple months ago I was surprised by a call from another lawyer in regards to my property. I called a friend of mine to confide in him and he, without hesitation, referred me to Attorney Driscoll. This was the first time I had to defend myself in a legal way. I stayed up all night and got as much info together as I could. When I showed up to Attorney Driscoll's office with a pile of paperwork that would have, I thought, taken all week to sift through he was welcoming and very patient with me. He went through each page, each paragraph, and each sentence with me. I was NEVER at any point rushed. He seemed very companionate and understanding to my nervousness. After leaving his office I felt calm, I felt safe. The concern didn't stop the second I left his office either. That night he called to check in on me and many times during the week I would receive a text to see how I was doing. Thank you Attorney Driscoll for everything you have done. Above and beyond my expectations!
Stacy T.
Fall River, MA

Attorney Driscoll is very knowledgeable and represented us in Housing Court with extreme confidence and care. He explained the process and set realistic expectations. We were prepared for the worse but the outcome was better than expected. It was great to have a strong advocate on our side. We highly recommend him and will definitely hire him again to represent us in the future.
Dora C.
Lakeville, MA



In the handling of my case, Mr. Driscoll rates 5 stars plus. His availability, responsiveness, assertiveness, and expertise resulted in the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. Mr. Driscoll was also very personable, caring, and compassionate during a very difficult time. I would highly recommend his services.
Christopher K.
Raynham, MA

The first time when I met with Attorney Driscoll, I was impressed by his confidence and professionalism. I was wrongfully charged of something big which could completely ruin my life and career forever. However, Attorney Driscoll trusted me and believes bad things happen to good people! He made himself available 24 hours a day for my calls and emails. And he was a good comfort giver when I felt frustrated. He was very patient, forthright, honest and professional. He would do his very best to help get his client out of trouble and never gave up until we had the best results. I feel so blessed that I met him at the most difficult time in my life. I wish the best to him and his family.
Name Withheld
Chestnut Hill, MA

I've been in an ongoing difficult situation with my spouse of 22 years, a bipolar patient in denial. Recently I was wrongfully arrested on A&B charges because of her illness. I didn't know what to do. I've never been arrested before and on such a serious charge! I found Atty Driscoll's ad and based on his positive reviews decided to give him a call. It was the best call I ever made! I was very skeptical and felt doomed but he made me feel extremely comfortable and assured me he could help and everything would be all right. I am now convinced after watching him in action, he is a master of his craft. He has totally cleared up my problem and eased the heavy burden I was carrying. He has a long knowledgeable career and an incredible success record. I am very fortunate to have him as my lawyer and almost look forward to requiring his services in the future.
Albert R.
Fall River, MA

For the very first time, my husband and I found ourselves in need of an attorney. A friend, in addition to another attorney, highly recommended Attorney Will Driscoll. From the very first moment that we spoke, I felt that Will would be attentive to our needs and help us navigate through the very complex legal process. His ability to analyze the situation quickly and provide us with advice and guidance made us feel at ease. We truly appreciated Will's constant communication with us, even on weekends, to keep us up to date on the process and how he would be handling our case. Attorney Driscoll displayed professionalism, competency, and a genuine concern for us. As a result, our case ended with the exact outcome we had hoped for. We were told that Will "would get the job" done, and he most certainly proved that he could. I recommend Attorney Will Driscoll without reservation. Our first experience with the legal system proved to be much easier than I ever could imagine, thanks to Will Driscoll.
Ruth P.
Mansfield, MA

I was referred to Atty. Will Driscoll by another attorney in 2009. Atty. Driscoll truly believes that bad things happen to good people and he has represented me in a recent case as a professional and a friend who cares about what's best for his client. He kept excellent contact with me, whether it's on the phone, email or Facebook. He knows when and how to make a deal with his counterparts or go to trial, if need be, because he is very prepared and ready for whatever comes his way. I would recommend him to anyone needing great representation in any law matter and his rates are very good. A satisfied customer in the Fall River area.
Jorge C.
Somerset, MA

My 18 year old son got into some legal hot water 2 weekends ago. He was really upset and, at some level, out of control and deserved the police situation. I called Will on his cell phone on a Saturday AM, he took the call... Told us both the plan for our court date and helped turn a negative into a positive with his legal guidance, and compassion for the situation my son put himself in. I have spoken to him twice since then and he is truly concerned for me as a parent to use this mis-step as an opportunity for parental guidance for my son. It worked. My son has made an about face on many levels since that date, and was positioned well to stand in court the next month with a positive story to tell with the steps he had taken to improve himself and assure the court system that they will never see him again. Will is outstanding.
Name Withheld
Wrentham, MA


I was recently involved in a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. Mr. Driscoll, Juli and Judy were incredibly helpful, supportive and helped me through a very difficult time. Thank you!
Heather L.
Dartmouth, MA


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