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While the primary focus of our practice at Driscoll Sanford Family Law is divorce, family law and estate planning, our clients have a variety of legal needs and they want to work with a lawyer they know and trust. Whatever your legal issue, you can call us for help.

In over five decades of combined legal practice, we have competently and successfully handled a wide range of legal matters, particularly those that involve courtroom litigation. We can personally assist you with the following:

  • Criminal defense in cases involving drunk driving (DUI/DWI), motor vehicle hearings, and driver's license suspension. We can help you obtain a hardship or probationary drivers' license. We also defend clients against Restraining Orders (209A) for domestic violence as well as violations of restraining orders. And we am prepared to defend clients charged with Massachusetts's newest type of restraining order, a 258E, for harassment of non-related persons, such as neighbors.
  • Personal bankruptcy, particularly in conjunction with a divorce proceeding. (If you are considering divorce and you know that your financial problems are such that you qualify for bankruptcy, talk to us about whether you should file for bankruptcy before divorce, or after. There are benefits and risks associated with the timing of a bankruptcy filing.)

Our clients have peace of mind that all of their legal needs can be met in one office. Furthermore, because we have handled such a wide range of legal matters, we understand when legal issues overlap. For example, whether a personal injury settlement is considered a marital asset in a divorce proceeding. This knowledge allows us to better protect your interests in all your legal matters.

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We look forward to assisting you with all your legal needs. Call (508) 672-8718 or email Driscoll Sanford Family Law to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer payment plans and flat-fee pricing for some legal matters.

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