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  • Are you leaving the country for a significant length of time? You may need someone to sign documents for you or your business.
  • Are you worried about the ability of a mentally ill family member to sign legal contracts, such as a lease on an apartment?
  • Are you concerned that an aging parent can no longer handle his or her finances properly? Do you want to be able to help him or her with financial affairs?
  • Are you preparing an Advance Medical Directive and you want to give someone the authority to make medical decisions for you if you can't make them for yourself?

In all of these situations, a Power of Attorney is the document to get the job done. I'm Fall River estate planning attorney Wilfred C. Driscoll, Jr. I can help you prepare the right Power of Attorney document for your specific need.

Temporary or Permanent Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney document allows someone to make decisions on another person's behalf. The document can be temporary or time-limited;for example,allowing someone to sign business documents when the business owner is out of the country. It can also be permanent, which may be needed to make decisions for a person suffering from dementia or a degenerative illness.

Medical or Financial Power of Attorney

There are two different types of Power of Attorney. A Medical Power of Attorney gives someone authority to make medical decisions on your behalf. When you prepare an Advance Medical Directive to communicate your wishes for emergency or end of life medical care, you will need to name someone who can work with the doctors to make those decisions. This is a Medical Power of Attorney or a Healthcare Proxy.

If you need someone to handle your finances when you are unavailable, or if you need to handle the finances of a family member with diminished capacity, you will need a financial Power of Attorney. A financial Power of Attorney gives someone the authority to sign contracts, to write checks, to manage investments, to open and close bank accounts and other financial and business matters.

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