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When clients have worked with the Driscoll Sanford Family Law, on a sensitive family matter, they often turn to me when they find themselves in legal trouble for a criminal offense. They know they can trust me and my colleagues to take care of them in even the most difficult circumstances. As your Fall River criminal defense lawyer, I will immediately get to work on your case.

Call (508) 672-8718 if you, or a loved one, has been arrested. I have 40 years of trial court experience and have handled many criminal cases.

Drugs Crimes

We handle a lot of criminal defense cases involving possession or possession with intent to sell drugs such as opiates, heroin, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, and prescription drugs. In Massachusetts, drug crimes are heard in a special drug court. When the police have over-reached and they don't have a strong case, our defense will focus on getting the charges dropped.

On the other hand, drug crimes are often the result of drug use, and that can affect the entire family. We've worked with many spouses, parents, even grandparents who are trying to help a drug-using family member get clean. If there has been a problem of drug use, we want to minimize the potential for jail or prison time. We work to get our clients into treatment programs or a halfway house with probation.

Drunk Driving (OUI/DUI/DWI)

Drunk driving is an extremely common criminal charge. I've defended thousands of clients against OUI/DUI/DWI charges in Massachusetts criminal courts. I will immediately work to protect your drivers' license from suspension by attending the initial hearing. If your license has already been suspended, I can help you get a hardship or probationary drivers' license.

I'll investigate your case to determine the most effective defense strategy based on the evidence against you.

Other Criminal Charges

  • Driving violations, moving violations – speeding, reckless driving, etc., -- parking violations and bench warrants
  • Assault, domestic assault
  • Harassment or stalking
  • Defense against restraining orders (209A) as well as violations of restraining orders.
  • Defense against restraining order (258E) for harassment of non-related persons

Contact Fall River criminal defense attorney Will Driscoll

No matter how the problem developed, you deserve a strong defense and continuing access to your children. I can help. Call (508) 672-8718 or email me to schedule a free initial consultation. I offer payment plans and flat-fee pricing for some legal matters.

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