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It's fair to say that the American legal system has had some problems, especially when it comes to men and family law. In the past, family courts were prone to perpetuate negative stereotypes of fathers and to overwhelmingly award custody to mothers. Slowly but surely this has changed and Massachusetts family courts today are far less "sexist" than they were in the past. But that does not mean that problems don't still exist; more often than not in ways that discount the rights of fathers.

We're Fall River fathers' rights attorneys at the law offices of Driscoll Sanford Family Law we've been practicing law in Massachusetts family law courts for more than three decades and we've seen many instances in which men ended up in a classic Catch-22 situation, willing but unable to do the right thing because the deck was stacked against them.

If you are a father who needs legal help, contact our Fall River law office or our Quincy office to schedule a free initial consultation. We will do everything possible to help you find a successful resolution to your problem, whether you just beginning the divorce process or are already coparenting with a former partner. We represent fathers in cases involving:

The Problem of Unjust Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is a real problem and the legal system has tried to address it by making it easier for women to get a restraining order. But that has created a new problem: an increase in false or hyped-up charges of domestic abuse in order to gain the upper hand in court or to get a man kicked out of his home.

On a related note, despite the fact that domestic abuse can go both ways, male victims of domestic violence can sometimes find themselves being charged as a perpetrator simply because the police needed to take someone out of the house.

A restraining order almost always follows on the heels of a domestic disturbance and restraining orders present their own problem. Once the issues of a restraining order have been resolved between the two parties, the law doesn't allow the charges to be expunged from the man's record. He will forever after be treated as if he committed the abuse.

It's important to vigorously fight unjust restraining orders. We have decades of trial experience and a real commitment to fighting for fathers' rights in court.

A Catch-22 if You Owe Back Child Support

For the past two decades, society has had a conversation about "deadbeat dads" that is both damaging and dishonest. Rather than playing the blame game, we need to look rationally at the things that make it difficult for dads to pay support.

Modify Your Existing Court Order: Many people are out of work right now, or have had their wages or hours cut. If that describes your situation, we can help you seek a modification to your child support order. DO NOT simply stop paying support. Do the best you can now and we'll ask the judge to reduce future child support payments.

Get Caught Up on Back Child Support: If you owe back child support, you are facing serious consequences. The person to whom you owe support can get your driver's licenses or professional licenses suspended until you pay the money you owe. Then how will you pay child support arrearages if you can't get to work or engage in your profession?

Before legal action is taken against you, we can help you negotiate a plan to get caught up on back support. We can also represent you to prevent suspension of your licenses.

Contact a Fall River Father Rights Lawyer at the Driscoll Sanford Family Law

You can have confidence that your child custody or child support case will be handled in a cost-effective and professional manner. Call (508) 672-8718 or email Driscoll Sanford Family Law we offer payment plans and flat-fee pricing for some legal matters.

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